Part 1

How I am spending my Quarantine Days !

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It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

My day actually starts around 9:30 am. By 10, I try do the morning chores(breakfast, etc) and then immediately get on my laptop to study. I study till 6 pm.

I take a break of 1.5 hrs in between for lunch and to take a bath. So, around 6 hrs of productive work/study which I think is quite a lot.

Now, I have divided my entire day into four parts. First, I am learning a new skill so the first half I only do that. I practice coding in the second half. Whatever may happen I always stop studying/working at 6 pm. Even if, my day target is not complete.

If I don’t complete my day target, the entire schedule will extend. So stopping my work at 6 pm builds a lot of pressure the next day. So, I hardly miss my day target. I try to be disciplined about this. It’s difficult but worth when you get used to it.

I love to do graphic designing and I am planning to learn animation too. So I dedicate my entire time after 6 pm to do this only. This includes either making another video for my youtube channel, creating new content, learning something related to design through youtube videos. I keep my schedule flexible from 6 pm to 10 pm. I relax, spend some time watching T.V with family and have dinner. I can say that of 4 hrs, around 2.5 hrs are spent productively on my design work.

At 10 pm, I am on my bed. I am a reader and I read everyday. I read till midnight and of course check whatsapp and other social media stuff too. And then after a good 9 hrs of sleep, the cycle continues.

I wish to wake up early and do some exercise and meditation too. But It’s difficult for me to wake up early. But for those who can, I would suggest them to do so.

I have followed the above schedule from 11th March 2020 and I feel I haven’t been this productive ever.

Use the time wisely.

Stay Safe. Stay Home.